Project Update - Viktor Intro
05 May | 10:00 am

Hey everyone,

as we’ve mentioned before, we’ve been in the process of expanding our team - the unintended side-effect of which was our work slowing down a bit. Looking for new people, reviewing their test tasks, and interviewing them do take up an awful lot of time and energy. The effort, however, yielded several new hires who are on their probation period right now.

The first one whose probation is scheduled to be over at the end of the month is Viktor, who joined us as a junior software developer back in February. Despite still being a student, several years of self-education allowed him to submit a very commendable assessment test solution before nailing his in-person interview. Even a colleague who only spoke a few words with him said that he’s the kind of guy who’d be more than welcome to join the tabletop roleplaying team.

Viktor, an avid fan of procedural generation, started playing games at a young age, and Minecraft lured him into the rabbit hole of coding. During his productive years of auto-training, he made countless smaller games in Java and a music-based Android game with procedurally generated levels.

His tasks so far have been numerous improvements and bug fixes for the Game log, Chart, Perk UI, Companion selection, Key binding, and all kinds of other non-combat related improvements to the game.

He might be a Lost Pilgrim, but he’s found his calling long ago, and it is our pleasure to accompany him on his journey. Please join us in welcoming Viktor among our ranks!

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland,

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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