Project Update - New Demo on Steam
17 Jun | 11:00 am

The time is upon us! As we have previously announced, a new version of Vagrus' free Demo is going to be published at the Steam Game Festival. You will probably be pleased to know that this incarnation of the Demo will have a small set of achievements you can complete! 

There are going to be two iterations of the Demo on Steam:

  • Up until and during the Summer Edition of the Steam Game Festival, the Demo is downloadable from Vagrus' main store page. 
  • As the event ends, Steam will automatically remove the Demo for users' libraries. Fret not though, the demo will continue to exist in the form of a separate Prologue app, just like on It will be available here after the Game Festival.

So there is a difference between the standalone Prologue versions and the 'normal' Demo - not in terms of content but the separate apps will include separate sets of the same achievements. The Steam versions will include DRM protection (the player has to have Steam running to play) as per Steam's usual model. The Demo will be available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Interested in the setting of Vagrus - the Riven Realms and want to understand more about the strategic aspects of the game? Or have a question regarding development or the team?

Ask Us Anything on our Vagrus discord starting 11 AM EST (5 PM EU).


To streamline the discussion and make it easier to follow, we'll set up a separate channel where only devs can chat.


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