Project Update - New Demo Coming to Steam and GOG
14 May | 10:00 am

TL;DR: A new, extended Demo is coming to Steam and GOG so that those on the fence can take Vagrus for a spin and see what we've been cooking for a while now. This all comes at the tail end of over a month of hard work with the freshly released Open-World prototypes.

Now, let us see in more detail all the things that happened recently around the game.

First Month After Open-World

It is hard to believe that it is May already. The first month after revealing the Open-World campaign of Vagrus has been both amazing and exhausting beyond what we expected. We have received tons of feedback; some of you played the game for over a hundred hours. Based on that, we worked hard to patch out a large number of bugs and event script errors, as well as adding some quality of life improvements.

Milestone Changes

Most importantly and based on our players' insights, we re-prioritized our development milestones to ease the early game learning curve, which proved to be too steep for a lot of new players. Then, once we finished the combat AI improvements, we started working on Tasks. You can read about those two here (Combat AI) and here (Tasks).

Demo on Steam and GOG

Parallel to Tasks and developing content for the next large region, we started to make preparations for our eventual Steam and Early Access releases. An important in-between step, we think, is to release a Demo on those platforms ahead of EA.

The three main reasons are to

  • have a 'temperature check' on how the current level of polish sits with our future players
  • refine the messaging (if needed)
  • generate hype

What do these mean in practical terms? After we release the Demo, players will have the chance to provide feedback on it. What they liked and what they hated. What captured their imagination and what felt lacking. There is no game that ticks all the boxes for everyone, we know that. We also know that it is better to have a game that some people feel passionate about than one most players classify as 'okay'. Nevertheless, it is important to dig into those reviews to understand whether it was a genuine problem that we do want to address, or a mismatch in expectation with what they got. In the case of the first, we have the chance to make changes in the game before we release it to Early Access, while in the case of the second, we need to tweak our messaging to avoid, or at least minimize, such mismatches.

Then there is of course the wish to generate hype. People playing the Demo will - fingers crossed - feel passionate about the game and sign up to be notified when it comes out, or even buy it right away via our Fig campaign.

To maximize the effects, we submitted our application to the Steam Summer Festival, an online event between June 9 and 14, during which Steam promotes demos on its main page. It's good for visibility for Steam users but usually there is press coverage of the event, too. The demo promotion will come two weeks ahead of Steam's and we have already been confirmed to participate. Yay!

We will let you know how it goes. :)

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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