Project Update - New Combat Skills
22 Oct | 10:00 am

We have hinted at the rehauling of several Combat Skills recently, and we are happy to announce that these improvements made their way into the next build of Vagrus. Moreover, we ended up with many more skills that now work much better or are completely new than we had initially thought. Here are a few of these with some commentary:

Gor'Goro has always been a beast when it came to combat, with him being a gladiator champion and all that. However, his fourth skill, Follow-up Attack never worked properly. While trying to solve that problem we figured that it is not a very good design to begin with, so we gave the Orc champion a completely new skill: Break Armor. Like the name suggests, this attack applies a combat-length debuff on the target's Armor.

Staying in the arena, we move on to Crowd Pleaser, a skill that has been shunned by the Murmillo Gladiators until now. From now on, it works as intended: the two-parter skill is begins with a quite underwhelming attack, followed by a self buff and POW charging.

One of the skill groups that we needed to work most were the charge-type skills. Rushdown (for Cinderborn) is one such skill. They use it from the back line, move ahead, then attack with a powerful strike. You'll think twice now before kicking them back!

Ferocious Bite (a skill of the Ghouls) starts with a poisonous melee attack followed by a movement. This can be used by the Ghoul to set up a charge attack for a consequent activation.

There are many, many more improvements such as these, both for Companions and enemies, so the above few are just for demonstration, really. We are making another round of big changes to Companion Combat now that a lot of other features have been implemented, and of course looking closely at the community's feedback on them. Be sure to tell us how you think they function now!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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