Project Update - Mercenary Task Design Part II.
29 Apr | 10:00 am

In Part I. of our breakdown of Mercenary Tasks, we discussed what this new kind of gameplay element brings to Vagrus, how it works, and began describing the types implemented in the current build. In the second part, we focus on the other four types of Mercenary Tasks, in which passengers play an important role.


This type is a classical RPG task: take someone (or several people) to a location and protect them on the way there. There are simpler variants - usually lower level Tasks - where you have to take them between settlements. In contrast to most regular passengers, these have known enemies hunting them, so an attack during your journey is almost certain - and several attempts at higher Task levels.

Losing crew combat against the attackers fails the Task. A future update would change this so that certain passengers can be killed and then these Escort Tasks will indeed focus on keeping them alive in the fight.

A more difficult variant is where the passenger's destination is out in the wasteland, wait there until they finish their business, then escort them to their final goal.

Abduct and Rescue

These types are the opposites sides of the same coin in some respects. Both would have you find a location in the wasteland, win a battle there, be joined by a passenger whom you need to take to their destination. The biggest difference is that the passengers do not join you voluntarily in Abduct Tasks, of course.

Both types carry the risk of being attacked on the way to the final destination as the foe tries to recapture the passenger.


In this type of Mercenary Task, you do not escort or take certain passengers but rather have to gain them from defeated enemies, that is, capture prisoners and turn them in at the given location. Most of the time, this can be accomplished in more than one crew combat encounter, but it depends on how many of the enemy flees or is killed during the battle.

Somewhat connected to this is a future mechanic that will allow you to decide the fate of the remaining captured enemies after a Crew Combat encounter. This would mean that during Capture Tasks, you could take the right kind of enemies prisoner, hastening your Task completion. However, the details of this will have to be discussed in a future post.

Be sure to try Mercenary Tasks with the right kind of comitatus when they get added to the game and tell us what you think!

Stay tuned, stay alive, conquer the wasteland!


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