Project Update - Laci in da House
07 Jan | 10:00 am

Opening an indie game dev studio and developing a 100+ hour long, complex game right away comes with a lot of important lessons. One of which has been that we like to dream big and thanks to the abundant positive feedback from our amazing players, we like to make these visions even bigger. Thus we have felt since the end of 2019 that if we ever wanted to realize all the potential Vagrus has, we have to raise our core team's size.

And so after a couple of months' searching, we met Laci, who made a lasting impression on us immediately - not only with his professionalism and experience but also with his likeable personality and many personal interests that clicked with ours. His past as a TTRPG player as well as his love of the fantasy genre were huge advantages, as we have learned a long time ago that work goes way better and smoother when you are interested and invested in what you are doing.

Laci's other respectable quality is his loyalty, which became evident right away when he told us that he would like to stay on with his current team until they take their project to the next substantial milestone. Although we had met other candidates, in the end we decided that it is well worth waiting six months for Laci to become fully available. But then the pandemic struck and so his team ended up with understandable delays. Our own situation also became a tad more uncertain, so only after our Early Access launch in July did we finally hire Laci.

Having worked on a number of other game and Unity projects, Laci brings his experience of nearly 10 years to the table. We have always wanted to get Vagrus to other platforms, so his experience in porting games in his previous projects is also a great asset. His first area of focus was Unity upgrade, which the team has followed his lead through and has completed by now. Next up on his list are a whole lot of Companion Combat improvements, which include a number of new features and bug fixes.

Please join us in welcoming Laci to Lost Pilgrims! We are very, very happy to have him with us. :)


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