Project Update - Fleeing
03 Sep | 10:00 am

Lately, we have been working on Crew Combat to further enhance its mechanics and the latest improvement is the 'Flee' feature. Let's check it out!


Fleeing will now be added to a selection of Crew Combat encounters with the following considerations:

  • You do not always have the option to flee. It depends on the encounter. 
  • While fleeing, your combat strength is significantly reduced.
  • Your Flee modifiers come from your crew composition, equipment, and crew combat attributes among other things, resulting in a percentile chance.
  •  The enemy's Chase modifier further alters the chance of fleeing.
  • Flee chances represent how successfully you can flee from combat. You will suffer damages even in case of a successful flee, albeit much less than you would by staying in a fight where you are outmatched.


Appease is an option that further changes fleeing when you can use it.

  • Sometimes you have the option to try to appease your enemies. Again, this is dictated by the combat encounter.
  • When you choose to appease, you offer to leave behind a variety of things for the enemy but depending on your foe's  type and motivation (crew combat attributes) they may or may not appreciate them equally or at all. Some perks increase the effectiveness of appeasing your opponents.
  • If you offer enough things to satisfy their craving, the appeased opponents will not chase you at all. In case of a partial offering, some of them might still do but the damage caused by them will be comparatively less.

We hope that these changes will significantly improve the WIP Crew Combat experience, making it less of a Load Game fest. Let us know what you think once you have tried it.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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