New Build Is Live - Patch v1.151
29 Jan | 5:00 pm

Hey everyone,

Our original plan was to kick the year off with a neat content update (more about it here) in early February together with a host of fixes but the team crushed so many bugs in January – some of them critical – that we decided to release the update earlier. So here we are. We’ll follow this up soon with what we originally intended. Very soon, actually. As always, the majority of the bugs we have fixed were reported by our amazing community. We can’t thank you enough for helping us improve Vagrus, but we’ll try with additional content in the future.

Now let's jump into the patch details!

Important Note: Considering the extent of the improvements, there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuilt reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.


Patch 1.151 - Codename: Primo

Updated Content

  • We took steps to alleviate the narrative dissonance caused by the setup of Certain Crew Combat encounters versus their defeat texts in Events. Setups were significantly altered (e.g. in the Criftaa tower fight at the end of her questline or the Sand Wyrm fights at the entrance of Tectum Carvos) so that enemies in them do not disengage so easily (or at all), causing a defeat for the player when, in fact, they won.
  • Interactions with the Darkstone Garrison of Hakhtarast after finishing the Ahari quest there have been improved to better depict the state of the settlement.
  • Lady Zahraja’s comment on the state of the north will be more context-sensitive depending on dates and/or having interacted with Sunfire and Moonshadow content.
  • Added a new way to acquire the Sand Wyrm codex entry if you missed it during the questline concerning Tectum Carvos.
  • Farud’s comments on Tamarra are now more context-sensitive to the state of her questline.

User Interface Improvements

  • Tooltip sizing was rebuilt from scratch: the new system is more robust with various fixes. For instance, tooltips can never float out of the screen.
  • Event choice dependency tooltips in Kadaath or your Outpost now correctly display owned Equipment, Gear, Items, and Goods even if they are in the warehouse.
  • Tasks will no longer disappear from your Journal’s Active pane while standing on the target Node before actually turning them in. They will be shown as “Ready” while standing on the target Node but revert to “Active” when moving away from it.
  • Maximum Resourcefulness upgrade tooltips on the Leader UI have been clarified further to make a distinction between your current maximum and the absolute maximum of 12 Resourcefulness. Now they always display how much Insight it costs to raise the stat and mention only the absolute maximum until it is reached.
  • The display of potential Faction rewards were changed to show all contextual/conditional requirements for certain rewards (e.g. a specific Beast Type to gain a bonus) and you can also see which of these requirements you currently satisfy.
  • Updated how Trade Tasks display the Goods you have to deliver to the destination to be more streamlined.

Updated Features

  • The yields of Critical Successes in Hunting were tweaked to give more Supplies but less random Goods.
  • Hidden Compartments and Smugger’s Compartments Equipment received the “minimum 100 Cargo capacity” requirement, thus preventing vagri from hiding everything they own if it was a small enough haul.

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous fixes to wording and style in Events, correcting typos, and improving texts otherwise.
  • Bandul and Ahari no longer take slaves in Crew Combat Appease interactions.
  • The Esc button can now be used to navigate back from the Savegame menu tab.
  • The tooltips of effects that belong to the comitatus (like Crew Properties) will now add up bonuses for the same stat from different sources.
  • Fixed the way Tasks can be arranged alphabetically and chronologically. This was working in a very confusing manner previously. Chronological ordering takes the date of gaining Tasks as a basis for the arrangement (Tasks that were taken later are toward the top of the list) with Active Tasks and the date of turning in (those turned in more recently are toward the top of the list) for Completed Tasks.
  • A very rare DLC requirement inconsistency preventing certain players from loading their manual saves was resolved.
  • Camp Events can no longer trigger during nights spent in settlements.
  • Characters can no longer Evade twice in the same Turn of Companion Combat (for example, when Evading from an attack and into an overwatched position), and thus will no longer cause a softlock by doing so.
  • Gifting Beasts of Burden to the locals of Shahsgabat will now work as intended (removing a Beast properly).
  • Non-hovering Characters who were floating over positions in Companion Combat no longer do so.
  • The Suncaller’s tiny shadow was fixed. They might revel in sunlight but they do cast shadows like everyone else.
  • All characters that were offset in their Companion Combat position were fixed.
  • Multiple instances of the Resistance stat from the same source (e.g. the same Gear) are now calculated and displayed correctly on Companions (i.e. added together).
  • The infinite swarming of certain enemies in Defend Tasks was fixed.
  • Fixed the location artwork issue at the Umbra River Bridge location.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Abolitionist faction location unlocks (via cyphers) to not work if you have reached the maximum unlocked locations in the base game. Cyphers are counted separately between the Expansion and the base game now as intended.
  • A lot of named enemies had their (modified) stats erroneously displayed or (in some cases) their stat modifications did not work at all. These were fixed, causing some “boss fight” encounters to be significantly more difficult, as intended.
  • Activating Auto-Scouting no longer causes issues with the calculation and display of Movement Points and March Movement Points.
  • Pieces of Equipment can not be placed into locked slots directly from the Market pane’s list.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Faction reputation rewards for delivering certain Passengers to be displayed differently in the Journal and in the popup window upon their arrival, preventing the right amount of reputation to be added to your standing (often this meant no reputation at all).
  • All legionnaire and elite legionnaire enemies that belong to the Chimera Legion now use their proper, unique artwork instead of the common Imperial variants.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an exploit to use infinite Insight when generating a new player character.
  • Hunting and Foraging will now actually grant yields when successful even if the comitatus is camped via an Event.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the skipping of compulsory camping during Event sequences.
  • Tooltip flickering on high refresh rates was fixed.
  • Machine Localization: Certain characters from Chinese and Japanese fonts that caused display issues specifically on the character creation screens and ending slides should now appear properly.

Coming Up Next

  • The Dreamwalker questline Part I.
  • Bug fixes and balancing continue at full speed

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

- The Lost Pilgrims Team


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