Lost Pilgrims Team Building
15 Dec | 10:00 am

Team building has come a long way over the years. It used to involve long seminars where team members fought to stay awake, then, people were encouraged to build trust with each other by closing their eyes and falling backward. More recently, it has evolved into all manner of activities – office trivia, scavenger hunts, and of course, the increasingly popular and much-lauded escape room scenario. We at Lost Pilgrims, however, decided to adopt something of an old-school approach: drinks at one of Budapest’s esteemed dive bars – Barcraft II, found in the heart of the city near Nyugati railway station. On that note, things began hard and fast as you can see it in the video above.

With inhibitions all but decimated, things took a rapid turn into a very festive occasion indeed, as we can see in the somewhat impromptu team photo shown below.

As the next shot shows, however, different parts of the night meant different types of energy for all those involved…

One enthusiastic team member took the opportunity to both socialize and draw sketches of the likes some could only dream of.

Needless to say, many jokes, laughs, and drinks were had. Oh, and there were some pictures that didn’t quite make the cut. We’ve got to keep some cards up our sleeves, right? We hope that these pictures give you some idea of what a night out with the Lost Pilgrims team might look like. We, perhaps like you, are now back to the Riven Realms – and with that in mind – stay safe, stay sane, and conquer the wasteland!

– The Lost Pilgrims Team

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