Factions (Game Design Post)
25 Jun | 10:00 am

We have long been talking about improving the experience with factions in Vagrus. They are currently in the game and can be interacted with one way or the other but there is no UI to track your standing with them, nor is it possible to claim rewards for each unlocked reputation tier (although there are already a lot of implicit benefits and rewards for high reputation with almost every faction). With Tasks being implemented and so intimately intertwined with factions, we thought we'd give you a rundown of what to expect from the next large addition to the game.

Faction Basics

In short, factions are organizations you can gain reputation with. Enough points unlock tiers of faction standing that award the player with all kinds of goodies: discounts, items, equipment, and better paying Tasks, to name a few. Factions are often at odds with each other, so gaining reputation with one might lower reputation with another or two. You can absolutely lose standing, which results in losing the passive benefits of that tier (although not the already possessed rewards). Most factions also provide quests and other content with the right tier unlocked.

User Interface

There are several places where you can find factions on already existing UI elements. First and foremost, factions appear as a separate UI tab under the Leader main UI (since faction relations belong to your character the vagrus). You can check your standing with all factions here as well as what each tier provides, read about factions, and check on their allies and enemies.

Apart from that, factions also appear on the settlement UI, where Tasks can be taken, turned-in, and rewards are redeemed, provided the faction in question is present in the given settlement. Faction presence is also varied, with headquarters allowing for the most interaction. Most factions have a presence in large cities, though.


Task are randomly generated missions that allow players to level up their faction reputations. Tied to specific factions, Tasks can be trade contracts, mercenary jobs, or exploration missions. There is a post that deals with them in more detail here. As far as factions are concerned, they are closely tied to them: only factions can give you Tasks, depending on how well they like you. For now, trade Tasks will be implemented.


There are 11 factions currently in game, though several of them are partially implemented and will be fleshed out more with upcoming content patches. Some of them you have already encountered when playing the Open-world campaign, like the Church of Sergorod, the Ratharnak Alliance, the furtive Abolitionists, or one of the Imperial Trading Houses. We'll discuss them in more detail in a future post, so stay tuned!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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