Creature Artwork - Sand Wyrm
04 Feb | 10:00 am

'...came from the farthest reaches of the vast expanse of Arenas Vorax and upon their defeat at the hands of Imperial forces - aided by the Sadirar tribes and the Dark Elves of Katundar - they retreated into that unknowable land of voracious sands, never to be seen again.'

- Excerpt from the Imperial Chronicles Volume XII

'Uhm. Somethin' moved under the sand I swear. Did you guys not see it?'

- Amhor the Vicious, mercenary, three seconds before something bit off his left leg

The creatures popularly known as Sand Wyrms are long, chitin-covered, snake-like beings that burrow in loose sand with astonishing ease and speed. They are blind but very susceptible to movement on the surface, the Wyrms use their large jaws lined with knife-like teeth to catch and dismember prey. The feeler appendages on their heads are delicate organs to feel tremors but also to grab victims.

These beings - or some kin of theirs - are said to have been responsible for digging tunnels at Larnak, Tectum Carvos, and Sun Rock but the continent's inhabitants only came face to face with them in p.c. 678 when they appeared out of nowhere in hordes and attacked all settlements within the Searing Plains. The war against the Sand Wyrms went on for three years and finally so many were slaughtered that the surviving creatures disappeared overnight. People claim that they went back to the most remote part of Arenas Vorax where no man treads and nobody has seen their kind ever since. That is, until fairly recently travelers have reported their presence around the western deserts. Is another invasion coming? Are the Sand Wyrms a new threat that is completely unexpected? Nobody knows yet.

The in-game art by Tamás Zatykó is one of the many incredible (and horrifying) creatures he has drawn for us and it captures the alien appearance of the Wyrms perfectly. Its animations are also amazing, so stay tuned for those.


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