Character Poses - Splinter
25 Feb | 10:00 am

Without a doubt, Splinters are (currently) among the most difficult enemies of Vagrus. Immense in size and weight, built of solid, living crystal, these creatures are among the toughest customers you can run into. A very high Armor and Vitality stat makes Splinters very difficult to destroy, and a decent Block value results in an occasional rise in Armor to top things off. Due to their unconventional crystal structure, they are also extremely difficult to affect with magic, except electricity and pure magical energy.

The attacks of Splinters rely on brute force and can deal a serious amount of damage to their enemies:

Crystalline Spike: The Splinter attacks a single target for high damage, using its pointed, spear-like hand. The skill has a high critical chance and it is very difficult to Evade.

Crystalline Hammer: The Splinter attacks a single target for high damage using its large, mace-like hand. The attack is very difficult to Block.

Ground Stomp: The Splinter stomps on the ground, causing the enemy front row to suffer damage and become Stunned. Although the creature can only do this once per combat, Ground Stomp is usually enough to set targets up for killing blows.

As you can see, Splinters are truly terrifying opponents, especially when not alone. Perhaps their only weakness is their low Accuracy, which can be taken advantage of with the right kind of debuffs.


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