Character Poses - Orc Juggernaut
22 Sep | 10:00 am

Many Orcs wander the reaches of the Riven Realms and you can come across them in all kinds of encounters, some of them being violent - as expected. There are several Orc enemy variants and the Juggernaut - as the name suggests - is the 'big guy' of the bunch, the one that takes the punches and gives back a lot in return.

These enemies are very tanky, with a ton of Vitality, good Armor, great Block value; they are also very difficult to stun, slow, or move in any way. Additionally, they can dish out a lot of damage, so it will behoove you to tread lightly around them. Their skills are as follows:

Brutal Clout: A single target melee attack that is difficult to block and causes moderate to high damage. In turn, it is not very accurate.

Charging Shove: The Juggernaut moves and tackles a single target in melee. Block does not work against it, and although it causes low damage, it causes Stun and Push, which makes it fairly devastating.

Savage Retaliation: This Skill can not be used, but it can trigger when the Juggernaut is hit and blocks a melee attack successfully. Causes low damage (albeit Armor Piercing) but it can add up in the long run.

Although the instinct against such heavy-set melee enemies would be to try to push them back, it might backfire against the Juggernaut because of Charging Shove. Magic might be the answer when dealing with them, but a lot of damaging spells might not be hitting them as hard as expected due to good Resistance values. To top it off, Savage Retaliation makes it so that chipping away at the Juggernaut can rack up damage on your companions fast. All in all, Orc Juggernauts present a good combat challenge especially teamed up with other Orcs or bandit-type enemies.


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