Character Poses - Hollow Eye
16 Jul | 10:00 am


The creepy Hollow Eyes may look like weird children but in truth they are one of the most dangerous enemies you can come across while traversing the Riven Realms. Luckily, these creatures of cold hatred can only be encountered in and around the Hollow Crags and the Hargad Tuul in general.

When you do encounter them, however, they will surely present an interesting combat challenge, which is the consequence of the unique set of their skills:

Barbed Javelin: Although a relatively simple melee skill, it has a nasty bleed effect and a fairly high critical. Normally, Hollow Eyes only use this when they can without endangering themselves (ie. the enemy can't attack back or is incapacitated).

Call the Herd: The Hollow Eye effectively summons a Forsaken enemy (simple but sturdy undead). It is implied that the creatures always keep a large force of mindless undead they can control nearby, so the skill represents calling in another one from close by, not practically summoning them from another realm. Thankfully, Hollow Eyes can not spam this skill but you will have to concentrate on getting rid of the pesky little degenerates because if left unchecked, they will summon a horde of undead.

Mind Melt: The Hollow Eye uses its immense mental powers to control the mind of a single target. The target suffers huge Accuracy and Initiative debuffs for 1 round and can also be moved by the Hollow Eye once. Needless to say, this is ideal to set an unfortunate companion for a series of attacks from the undead minions of the Hollow Eyes.

Cruel Culling: Another mental attack, this skill immobilizes a target and makes it so that attacks against them are much more devastating. Although less effective than Mind Melt, this is used much more frequently by the Hollow Eyes as it is less costly.

Although not very dangerous alone (for lacking true damage potential), Hollow Eyes are deadly when combined with their usual escort of mindless undead. It behooves players to try to focus on the Hollow Eye if they can, using abilities to damage them in the back ranks or draw them out somehow.



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