Character Poses and Skills - Grufta
28 Apr | 10:00 am

Grufta are disgusting creatures that dwell in the darkest, filthiest, and most humid places, usually deep underground. Their nests are often found in city sewers and adult specimen hunt people with deadly efficiency. Their stench alone makes fighting these large worms extremely difficult - it renders the air around them poisonous. Grufta attack in numbers, are quite sturdy, and can avoid attacks with their fast movement. Their skill set includes a powerful attack and an ability to stun opponents:

Peristaltic Lunge: The Grufta curls up then lunges itself in a leap at the opponent. This attack causes moderate damage but has a potent poison effect, too.

Constrict: The creature grabs the opponent with its muscular body and attempts to break its bones. Constrict is difficult to block, causes moderate damage, and can apply Stun on the target, which makes a group of Gruftas extremely dangerous.

A group of Gruftas can present great danger to even a powerful warband of Companions, as their Stun-causing attacks can keep your fighters down while the worms deal damage and poison everyone. It is best to keep them at an arm's length.

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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