A New Build is OUT - Patch 1.0.17 - Codename: Bombus Magnificus
22 Dec | 2:00 pm

Hey everyone,

we've had a final patch for this year in the works for a while now. This one also includes fixes and tweaks primarily before we move on to adding chunks of new stuff next year. Still, rounding these glitches out first was more important than rushing headlong into creating new stuff, so we hope you appreciate the work we put in this one.

We would hereby like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the awesome people who have been active on our social media platforms, sharing articles and links, voting on Vagrus in award shows, giving advice to people on our discord and other platforms, or helping us by reporting a lot of large and small things that could be tweaked or fixed in Vagrus. It would be difficult to list you. But you know who you are. :)

Now let's jump into the patch details:

Important Note: Considering the extent of the improvements, there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuilt reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.


Patch 1.0.17 - Codename: Bombus Magnificus

Content Tweaks

  • House Venari faction rewards have been reworked
  • Various faction reward tweaks (Only reclaimables, not Enduring Effects. The new rewards are claimable in addition and will not replace the old ones. We are uncharacteristically generous in this regard... but the Holidays are coming up, so enjoy!)
  • Some Equipment and Gear stats were tweaked
  • Explorer starter item changed to be more in line with other Callings
  • You can get a second Heat Shielding Crystal in case you accidentally sell the first one (it might not be easy, however)
  • Hollow Eyes are now silent in combat, as they should be
  • Killing tax collectors will have more severe consequences: Bounty hunter attacks start on a slightly lower Imperial Criminality rate (as a warning) while on higher criminality, the legionaries try to apprehend you
  • Small economy tweaks so that the rumors do not contradict actual market prices

User Interface Improvements

  • Loyalty tooltip has been updated to indicate the order of Loyalty levels
  • Authority and Resourcefulness tooltips have been updated to be more precise and informative
  • Companion background texts and Faction descriptions were tweaked (fixed length and polished texts)
  • Blessing of Unbinding description now refers to a more generic source of the effect

Event Fixes

  • Several journal inconsistencies were fixed
  • Choices leading to the wrong step in several Events were fixed
  • A lot of Event text has been polished across the board
  • Garrik is no longer recruitable twice (sorry)


  • The final showdown in Garrik's questline was tweaked not to spoil a surprise ahead of time by applying a certain buff too soon
  • Eylani's loyalty adjustments in events have been revamped and some gift-related choices are now visible in her banter
  • You can no longer ask about ingredients from Thadraz during Gor'Goro's questline when you've already delivered them
  • Skornar's stealthy prison break now does not refer to fighting patrols if it was successful
  • Eylani's personal quest progression related to Tectum Carvos was rewritten a bit not to refer to the town's current state so much (seeing that it could be vastly different depending on the time of doing her quest)
  • Finndurarth-related story inconsistencies have been fixed in Salum
  • Agoram now blesses the party with Unbinding in Finndurarth's last quest step (if you called him to the Conclave)
  • The Source of Discord quest was tweaked so that you can complete the (optional) dream-catching step even if all the required sub-objectives are already completed (this makes it so that patient players are unlikely to miss this optional objective)
  • The description of the forum of Tectum Carvos - as well as its initial description - now reflects the town's state better in relation to the major questline there
  • The shamans are always back at Kotrar when you return the trial contingent
  • A Terathion's Fall event softlock when there were no choices is now fixed
  • There are now no rumors about Wyrms after their final defeat

Bug Fixes

  • Camp UI soft-lock related to the throw-out UI resolved
  • AOE attack Skills now hit all intended targets
  • Fixed the bug where Companions could occupy the same position
  • Various Acrobatics-related positioning bugs have been fixed
  • Jhakra Alpha's Roar accuracy has been nerfed further
  • Morgarthan's strange glow should be gone now
  • Victory screen texts were improved where they were a bit wonky

Known Issues

  • Combat performance
  • Various Escort tasks related anomalies

Coming Up Next (in early 2022)

  • Faction leaders for the two criminal syndicates (with a faction quest each)
  • A new companion as a Free-DLC
  • Criminal system tweaking
  • Continued bug fixes and tweaks
  • UI improvements

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!

The Lost Pilgrims Team


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